Does being gay bestow a special two-spiritedness? Is there a unique advantage to exploring the soul through a queer prism? What is “gaiety of soul?” How can flesh and spirit be integrated in a soulful life? The 16 vibrant gay male elders, both young and old, who speak out in Gay Soul: Finding the Heart of Gay Spirit and Nature have each pondered the nature of the soul through the lens of “otherness. In a series of long and intimate conversations, Mark Thompson calls out their deepest emotions with his searching, perceptive questions. Well-known community figures, spiritual leaders, and artists such as Harry Hay, Ram Dass, Andrew Harvey, Paul Monette, James Broughton, and many others are interviewed and photographed in this widely read collection.

“What Thompson has given men in Gay Soul is an outpouring of much-needed healing love—from new kinds of ‘fathers.’”    --Judy Grahn, The Advocate

“What makes his work successful is Thompson’s portrayal of the diversity of gay spiritualities. I came away with a great deal of hope, for gay spiritualities have the potentiality for profound cultural transformation in the coming years.”

--Robert Goss, author of Jesus Acted Up

“What a gift: this wake-up call to gay souls which celebrates the special joys and responsibilities that come with being gay.”

--Christine Downing, author of Myth and Mysteries of Same Sex Love


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